Why Should I Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Overweight and obesity are taking over the world and the fact is that is not really a beauty problem, but it is a very serious health issue. Most of our lifestyles are so busy that we often forget about eating healthy or doing more exercise, until one day we realize our body isn’t as healthy as it was. At that moment maybe you try a new diet after another but nothing works and maybe in that moment you start asking yourself: Should I get weight loss surgery?


How Obesity Affects Health?

More than one third of U.S. adults and one in three kids and teens have obesity or are overweight. This is a serious thing since obesity related diseases are killing millions of people per year worldwide. People with obesity have higher risk of develop some of these diseases:

  • – Diabetes (high blood sugar levels)
  • – Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • – High cholesterol or triglycerides levels
  • – Strokes
  • – Coronary heart disease
  • – Sleep apnea
  • – Osteoarthritis
  • – Some cancers
  • – Liver problems

Info-graphic about obesity


What can a weight loss surgery do for me?

A bariatric surgical procedure helps the patient to lose weight by reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold, this way a person feels full and loses the urge to overeat. Ok then why can he or she just start a diet? In some cases diet and exercise is not enough to reach our weight loss goal. For those cases a weight loss surgery can be an excellent tool to help you to achieve a healthy weight. But losing weight and recover the looks you had is not the only reward. A bariatric procedure comes with a lifestyle change, this new life can empower yourself, make you feel more , confident and happier.


What types of bariatric surgeries can I find in Mexico?

Weight loss surgery is one of the most common treatments for medical tourists in Mexico. The main reason for this is that Mexico have high quality clinics and excellent surgeons for a way more affordable price than in US and Canada. Another reason is that you can find the same procedures with the best materials and up to date techniques. Here are some of the most common gastric surgeries performed in Mexico:

  • – Gastric band
  • – Gastric sleeve
  • – Gastric balloon
  • – Gastric bypass


Am I a good candidate?

If you are interested in a gastric surgery the doctor will tell you if you are or not a good candidate for a particular procedure or not, but here are the most common qualities of a good candidate:

  1. Your body mass index is 40 or more
  2. Your body mass index is 35 or more and you have a serious health issue related to your weight (diabetes, sleep apnea, etc)
  3. You weight is more than 100 pounds up your ideal weight
  4. You haven’t been able to achieve a healthy weight with diet and exercise (medically-supervised).


Are there any risks?

Of course there are some risks. Today most weight loss surgeries are performed using minimally invasive techniques but still any surgery comes with risks. Those risks depend on the procedure you decide to have, and be sure to ask any question about this you have to your doctor before the surgery. The truth is that a bariatric surgery is not for everyone and it has to be a well informed decision. But for those who need it the health benefits are way more important than the risk, in most cases it can save their lives!



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