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Los Algodones City

Los Algodones, Mexico is actually known as the capital of dental tourism or "Molar City". Los Algodones is a small town in Baja California located at the Yuma AZ border. In a 6 block radius one can find over 350 dental clinics, eye clinics, and pharmacies. This concentration is more than any other place in the world!

On the street, vendors sell local art, as well as different foods like grilled meats and delicious fish and shrimp tacos that come fresh from the beach of Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point).

People from different locations such as: the United States, Canada, and Europe travel exlusively to Los Algodones for heavily discounted prescriptions, eye-glasses, and medical and dental care.

Los Algodones is a place dedicated to dental tourism, offering a wide variety of dental clinics where you can save up to 70% on your medical and dental treatment. Sure there are plenty dentists to choose from, but rest a sure that with Medgetaway you'll find the best Los Algodones dentists.

Why travel to Los Algodones?

Los Algodones is the capital of dental tourism, here you can find a wide variety of dental clinics. If you are looking for dental options this is the best place. A small, harmonious, and colorful town! Los Algodones dentists offer the best attention and quality one can look for in a dentist. Visit this little town and enjoy your new smile!


Algodones is located 7 miles south of Yuma, Arizona off Interstate 8. You will be in California when you take the exit to the border. You will travel down Route 186. The border crossing is officially Anrade, California. Algodones is located in the Mexican state of Baja California. Before crossing the border there is a large parking lot for you to leave your car and walk across to Los Algodones, which we recommend as parking capacity is very limited in the city, and most parking spaces charge $2 to $3 usd per day.

Driving directions

If you are looking to reach the border you can take the I-8 and then 186 highway (Andrade Road).

Flying to Los Algodones

If you decide to arrive by plane the closest airport is in Yuma, and from there you can catch a taxi to take you to the border or your hotel of choice. Alternatively, UBER cars are available and usually come out to around $40 USD; local taxi companies generally run about $30 USD to take you to the border.

For more information you can call Yuma´s city Cab: (928) 783-4444

Some travelers choose to fly into the Phoenix airport and arrange border crossings from there.

Food & Drinks

In Los Algodones you can always find taco stands, or you can also find some restaurants, where you’ll find the typical mexican food as carne asada, roast chicken and el pastor tacos. Now if you’re looking to have a good time you can always visit Pueblo Viejo Restaurant which is just few steps from the border; here you can have a great time with live music, margaritas, beer and the best Mexican food.


If you’re looking for something other than a dental treatment or a good meal, you can visit the local dunes that are just minutes away from Los Algodones, where you can ride 4x4 trucks, or you can also try sandboarding which is becoming highly popular.

If you are looking to go a little further from Los Algodones, there’s also a small town called San Luis Rio Colorado, just a 30 minute drive away, where you can find more options to get dental care. If you are going to San Luis preferably go in your car; the good thing is that San Luis also has direct border crossing with Yuma. However, crossing in a car can take up 2 hours or more, so we recommend you drive back to Los Algodones to cross the border.

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The ideal place to spend the night in Los Algodones is ¨La Hacienda,¨ a traditional, rustic hotel with the best facilities in town including a swimming pool for those hot days. If you plan to stay on the other side of the border you can always stay at the Quechan casino, which has performing shows at night, a pool, casino and restaurant. This is our 2 best recommendation while you visit Los Algodones dentists and local restaurants.


When you're in Los Algodones, there's no need for public transportation because everything is within walking distance; we only recommend you bring comfortable footwear! Mos of Los Algodones dentists offer some reference on how to reach their clinic from the border, but be aware from all the people and pickers who might try to send you to another clinic.

Los Algodones Border

Los Algodones Border Line

los algodones dentists

Los Algodones City

Los Algodones Curios Store

Los Algodones Curios

Best time to visit Los Algodones

The best season to visit Los Algodones is from November to April. This is the time when all our "snowbirds" are in town; and the weather is very suitable for walking down the street without being too hot. When the snowbirds season starts, Los Algodones dentists and  locals organize a welcome party featuring different activities. Typically, Los Algodones dentists and pharmacies organize festivities on the streets, offering different types of food, drinks, and showing all kinds of traditional Mexican dances.

Is it safe?

Yes!. Los Algodones is a safe town because of all the health tourism, the local government works with local policy to keep its visitors safe.

Border entrance

Los Algodones has one entrance leading to Arizona. You can cross by foot or car, but if you take your car we recommend you leave it in the parking lot on the Arizona side and cross into Los Algodones by foot to visit your doctor.  This means you can return on foot and save the wait in the car line. In high season, which is from December to April, the waiting lines at the border can take up to 2 hours. This border doesn't boast the expedited "ready lane" or "medical lane" for cars like Mexicali or Tijuana do.

What else is there to know?

Because Los Algodones is such a popular place for medical tourism, you can find all kinds of clinics or doctors in town, so if you’re looking to visit by on your own, always analyze and look into what the medical options are in order to make sure your visit will be taken care off by professional doctors and a clinic you feel safe with. Los Algodones dentists have between a good and bad reputation, you just have to know which one to visit, and Medgetaway helps you with this by offering you the best experience in Los Algodones.

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