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Mexicali, also known informally as: ¨Chicali¨ (chee-kaly) is a picturesque & gorgeous city in Baja California, Mexico. Mexicali is the capital city of the state of Baja California. Founded in 1903, its name comes from the combination of the words “Mexico” & “California”. It’s the northernmost city of Mexico and Latin America. Mexicali is widely known as ¨The the city that captured the sun¨ It certainly is a city worthy of its surname, during the summer it can reach hot temperatures.

While the city has a reputation for its educated and well mannered people, it also boasts one of the highest standards of living in the country and it is one of Mexico’s most popular border towns for tourism.

Mexicali has been growing over the years socially, economically and medically with state of the art hospitals and professional doctors who have been widely recognized. In the city you can find a variety of medical procedures such as: dentistry, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, among others.

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Mexicali is located at a junction of major interstates and federal highways. These include Interstate 8, leading from San Diego to the Arizona´s Sun Corridor where the cities of Phoenix and Tucson predominate and Federal Highway 2, which leads east to San Luis Río Colorado and west to Tijuana, Mexico and Federal Highway 5 connecting San Felipe with Mexicali, Mexico.

Driving directions

Mexicali is accessible from the United States through Calexico on Highway 111 (from El Centro and points north) and Highway 98 East (Yuma) and West (San Diego) via I-8.

Either park at the border and continue on foot or drive into Mexico. Driving from the US to Mexico usually requires no stopping.

 Flying to Mexicali

Mexicali's General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport (IATA: MXL), is located 20 km east of the city and offers services to all types of flights, private and commercial. There are daily flights out of the Airport to other major cities in Mexico.

From within the U.S. the nearest airport is Imperial County Airport [IPL] located in Imperial, CA. The airport is served by daily flights from LAX and Yuma, AZ and is a twenty minute drive to the Calexico-Mexicali border crossing. The closest major airport is San Diego(SAN). From there one can take SDMTS #992 bus to downtown San Diego and transfer to Greyhound Lines to Calexico, CA and walk across the border into Mexicali; or transfer to the SDMTS 'Blue Line ' Trolley, from downtown San Isidro to San Isidro and walk into Tijuana and take the Grupo Estrella or ABC bus over to Mexicali along the Mexican side of the border.

Why travel to Mexicali?

Mexicali is a charming, & harmonious city full of joy, and its people “known as cachanillas” which makes your experience worthwhile. People who come to Mexicali think of having a fantastic and relaxed time. While the Mexican peso is the legal currency, US dollars are widely accepted. 

Downtown Mexicali focuses mainly on restaurants, taco stands, bars and nightclubs, most of them visited by U.S. citizens. Many stores, artisan shops and souvenirs can be found right next to the border. And you can also visit the medical district in which you can find a great variety of doctors, hospitals, clinics and the best Mexicali dentists.

If you’re more into the cultural side of the city, don’t hesitate to visit the Museo Universitario, a museum that shows the history and culture of the first Baja California settlers; or the Museo Sol del Niño (roughly translates to Child’s Sun Museum) and the Sala Imax (Imax theater), both form an interactive center for science, technology, art and the environment.

To those who want to be in touch with nature, in Mexicali you can to visit the “Woods and Zoo of the city”, which has ample green areas with a playground for kids, a botanic museum, a lake, swimming pools, wading pools, zip lines, pedal boats, a carrousel and a small train.

Come and visit this gorgeous city and enjoy its unique charm. Travel to this location and visit top Mexicali Dentists for you to Save up to 70% on your dental treatment. 

What kind of food can I find?

In Mexicali you can find the typical Mexican cuisine at highly recommended restaurants such as ¨La Plazita¨, a harmonious and cozy place where those who go there think about having a good talk accompanied by excellent service. You can also find restaurants from the 50's known as: ¨Manuets¨; where one can still encounter the original building where your food is delivered to your car. It is still open today and you’ll find mouth-watering Mexican food, such as meat, burritos, tostadas, enchiladas and much more.

You can also find classic Carne Asada (beef) tacos throughout the city; you’ll find traditional taco stands through all Mexicali just as you’ll find Chinese restaurants.

However, if you look for Mexicali’s traditional cuisine you have to try Mexicali’s Chinese food. In Mexicali, Chinese food has become or recognized as a typical dish; you can find hundreds of restaurants to eat amazingly delicious dishes that you won’t regret. If you are looking for a classic and tasty place in town to have great dinner you can´t leave without visiting ¨El Rincon de Panchito¨.



Mexicali is a working and busy city, but you can also find a lot of fun. You can watch sports such as baseball, with “Los Aguilas” as the local team and basketball with “Los Soles” local team as well as energetic bullfights in Calafia square.

Few miles out of town, you can enjoy off-road in Salt Lake (La Salada), which is located on your way to La Rumorosa; This is a 25 minute drive out of town and you can take bikes, off road trucks or you can choose to walk it; and if you drive 37 miles into the Salt Lake you’ll encounter a breathtaking oasis known as the ¨Guadalupe Canyon¨ which is in the middle of the desert with hot springs, if you have time to visit please do, you won’t be disappointed.

Cycling has been growing as a cultural activity and as a method of transportation for locals that one can already see many groups of cheerful cyclists at night throughout the city (mxlibici) or also small groups cycling to the airport or “La Rumorosa”.

If you are feeling adventurous you can practice water skiing, kayaking and if you want to go fishing you can visit Rio Hardy; which is located just 30 minutes out of town and visit Campo Mosqueda to spend a day or two, you can find rooms for you to rent.

You can also visit the dessert dunes to practice sandboarding, which is an activity that has been growing internationally.

And if outdoor activities is not your thing, the city has shopping malls where you can find major international brands, cinema, theater, museums and casinos where you can enjoy live music.

If you are a wine lover, within a 3 hour drive you can go to ¨Valle de Guadalupe¨ or Guadalupe´s Valley which is the local winery route, you can go for a walk and try a vast array of Mexican made wines and visit the Wine Museum.

If you are a beer lover, Mexicali is already known as the brewery city, where proudly sells local craft beer. You can try this variety of beers at El Sume.

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If you like to stay in Mexicali, the city has a vast array of wonderful and world-class hotels, ranging from the classic and beautiful such as the Lucerna Hotel, or modern as the Araiza hotel; if you’re looking for a smaller place to stay you can always go to the Colonial Hotel. These hotels are within 10 to 15 minutes drive from the border. Mexicali has every option for you to enjoy your stay.


Taxis are abundant in the city. You may either call for a site taxi (taxi de sitio) which are called beforehand and they can take you where you ask, or route taxis (taxi de ruta), which, like buses, have specific routes which they take.

There are also multiple public buses, which can range from old refurbished school buses with no air circulation to brand new metro-buses with air conditioning and television screens, which are more expensive. Buses come in different colors and types of vehicles as they are operated by different companies and drivers' unions or co-ops. See the link bellow to check what´s available.

Best time to visit Mexicali

Mexicali is accessible to tourists for most time of the year, however, if you enjoy comfortable weather you can always visit between March and May. From June to September the heat can be overwhelming, exceeding 100 °F. If you don’t like hot weather you can visit from November to February for excellent weather conditions.

Border entrance

Mexicali has two entries: the East and the West entrances. The West entrance is the main entry to the city, the huge advantage of this entry is that includes a special line for people who come only for medical treatments known as the “medical lane”, our doctors can give you a pass if you are driving so that you don’t have to wait too much to cross to California. If you use the west entrance you’ll reach downtown Mexicali where you’ll find a great variety of Mexicali dentists, restaurants, fast food, stores and Mexicali’s medical district. You have access to public transportation and taxis if you want to move quickly. This entry is open 24 hrs.

The east entrance which is 15-20 min drive from downtown Mexicali is faster to cross; but if you plan to do it on foot, please plan ahead for someone to pick you up because there is no public transportation, no parking lots or shops. This entry is open from 6 am to 12 am.

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