Rocky Point

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Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) is just over an hour's drive from the border with the United States, a lovely Mexican fishing village that receives more and more residents from Arizona delighted by its amazing beaches and great weather. Currently Rocky Point attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year, usually arriving by car. Public transportation is not easily found. The city is known by two names, one in English "Rocky Point," and in Spanish "Puerto Peñasco".


Rocky Point is conveniently located about 62 miles from the border of Arizona in the Mexican state, Sonora.  This is on the small strip of land that joins the Baja California Peninsula with the rest of México.

Why travel to Rocky Point?

Rocky Point has energy packed activities to offer. Mexican beaches are sought after by locals and international tourists alike for their attractions and beauty, and Rocky Point is no exception with its breathtaking turquoise waters. The rare combination of sea and desert is stunning and absolutely worthy of your time in Rocky Point. We recommend you spend a day at the beach so you can see spectacular sunsets that you can only experience in Rocky Point.

Because of all the tourism Rocky Point has been receiving lately, and due to its proximity to the USA, the town has been growing exponentially in the Health Tourism sector.  This has enabled Rocky Point to develop state of the art medical facilities with doctors and professional medical staff who can make your medical stay in Rocky Point a true delight.  With Medgetaway you'll find the best Rocky Point dentists for your medical getaway.

What kind of food can I find?

Rocky Point is a fishing village at heart. You can find delicious and fresh seafood, like fish and shrimp among others.  You'll also find international food chains, Italian and Mexican restaurants, and the traditional Mexican food carts in the streets that are a must if you want the full experience. A coffee shop in town with a German touch called "Kaffe Haus" serves up great breakfast and lunch, accompanied with coffee and the best service and international environment. Rocky Point dentists and doctors can always give you some additional information on where to eat. 


If you want to have a fantastic time in Rocky Point, you can visit different places within or near town. If you like to walk you can visit the Boardwalk (Malecón) to enjoy the magnificent view, visit different stores or even try the food from any of the restaurants that you can find in the area.

If you like to discover new places you can go just a few minutes out of town and take a tour to the Altar desert and see the Pinacate. When you're ready to see the beach, you can visit Playa Hermosa, Playa Bonita, Sandy Beach and Cholla Bay. In Sandy Beach you will find a number of large sand dunes full of activity where you can rent 4x4 vehicles and bikes.

If you are feeling adventurous and are more into water sports you can go diving to fully experience the sea of Cortéz which has been given the title of the "world's aquarium". Go fishing or take a kayak ride on the calm sea of Rocky Point or take a tour to San Jorge Island, which is well known for its rich wildlife.



If you’re planning to stay in Rocky Point, you will find a plethora of places to stay in magnificent hotels. We recommend you choose hotels in areas such as: Playa Bonita and Laos Mar. Some Rocky Point dentists and doctors may have special rates on hotels for you to stay and save on your medical getaway.

For more hotel options you can browse the following link:

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Is it safe?

Yes, Rocky point is very safe! You will not find a problem on your arrival, or when you are taking a stroll or enjoying the evening at a restaurant. You can always see the police officers patrolling the streets in order to provide a sense of safety. Rocky Point dentists work hard to offer security to all medical tourists, they work with local government to improve this situations all year long. 

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