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San Jose Costa Rica is the capital city, a beautiful and picturesque country that stretches from the Pacific to the Caribbean ocean. Many of its people do not live in the city, but the city is the most important location for businesses in the country.

San Jose is one of the safest locations in Costa Rica and one of the most popular and visited destinations in Latin America. San Jose is a peaceful and quiet city that is composed of protected territory harboring much 5% of biodiversity in the world.

San Jose has experienced a steady rise in tourism and medical tourism because the city offers state of the art facilities and hospitals as well as certified and professional doctors that can help people save up to 70% in medical treatments.

Why travel to San Jose Costa Rica?

San Jose is the main city in Costa Rica. Exploring San Jose, is paramount because you will be able to experience firsthand its rich culture, and magnificent natural surroundings. Being one the strongest destinations for tourism and health tourism in Latin America the government took notice of such rise that it offers top medical care and security to any visitor who decides to receive medical treatment in the country. San Jose Dentists have been focused on medical tourism for decades, and for sure can give you the best experience for any international patient.

Best time to visit Costa Rica

The best time to visit San Jose is from December to April when the weather is avg. daily of 29 °C and you can enjoy the sunshine and the blue ocean.  You can find more info at this link: Best Time to Visit Costa Rica.



San Jose Costa Rica , sits in the Central Valley region with the Talamanca Mountains to the south and volcanoes to the north. San Jose is located in the center of Costa Rica and makes it the perfect location for any tourist arrival who wants to travel anywhere in the country. Costa Rica has impressive mountains, which includes national parks, forest reserves, and fertile lands, with an abundance of coffee plantations.

 Flying to San Jose

The airport (SJO) is 17km or about 20 minutes by car from the center of San José. There is a local bus stop outside the airport (on the other side of the multi-story car park which you see when you come out of arrivals). It costs less than 1 US$ and takes you right downtown. You can put your luggage in the storage area below on the bus. The cheapest option is taking the bus into downtown and get a taxi there for your final destination.

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What kind of food can I find?

In San Jose you don´t have to feel home sick as you can find food franchises in the United States such as: Chilli's, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, among others.

However, like many places, San Jose also has traditional and delicious food you can find as you are strolling the town. It´s signature dish which is not too spicy and is known as: "Gallo Pinto" is a dish made of rice and brown beans. Is mostly consumed during breakfast accompanied by tortillas and a hot cup of regional coffee.


Downtown San Jose is full of novelties you can explore shopping centers, medical centers, restaurants, hotels and more.

If you want to leave the city for a day or two and are interested in the ecotourism that Costa Rica offers, you can visit amazing nature parks to see volcanoes or local fields where they serve delicious coffee. The country is divided into 20 natural parks, 8 biological reserves where one can appreciate the flora and fauna that offers these destinations. You can visit Tortuguero National Park, which is one of the most visited in the country.

One can also visit the beaches which are very popular for tourists who visit this country. The beaches are very close to each other so you can visit and explore several beaches in a short time. You can visit the beaches of the Pacific, which are the most common and are the ones most tourists visit or try visiting the beaches of the Caribbean which are more hidden but are the most beautiful.

If adventure is what you are looking for, you can find pretty much for everyone and can practice different activities such as kayaking, fishing, bird watching, diving, wind surfing, biking, ATV, and much more.

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Costa Rica Tips Costa Rica FAQ


Is it safe?

Yes it is! Because Costa Rica is one of the strongest tourism destinations in Latin America, the safety of the travelers is paramount to Costa Rica.


There is a strong variety of hotels where you could enjoy your stay in the city of San Jose in Costa Rica while you undergo medical treatment. Out initial recommendation is for you to stay in a hotel that is near the hospital or clinic where you will be receiving medical treatment. Several San Jose dentists can give you some additional information on where you can stay.

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Costa Rica Lodging


You can find different ways to move around the city and the country. There are different types of taxis as the most popular and secure source of Transportation, (always have your hotel arrange a taxi if you are planning on going somewhere) There are card terminals which feature prepaid money in case you want to pay by card and not cash. You can also rent a car which is good idea as there is much to see in short distances and having your car can be much more convenient to fully explore San Jose.

You can find more information here:

Costa Rica Transportation

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