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Tecate is a small city located in Baja California Mexico. It is on the border with California really close to San Diego and Tijuana.


Tecate is located at only 40 miles from San Diego and next to Tijuana, Mexico.

Driving directions

From San Diego through Tijuana the best option es to exit U.S. at Otay and then take Blvd. Industrial to Mexicali - Tijuana Highway to exit at Carretera Federal #2 Tijuana - Tecate.

Directly from San Diego to Tecate take CA-94 E and then right on CA-188 S.  

 Flying to Tecate

There is no Airport in Tecate but you can fly to Tijuana’s or San Diego's International Airports and then get to Tecate by car, taxi or bus.

Why travel to Tecate?

This town surrounded by mountains is consider a Mexican magical town because of it’s beauty. People usually visits Tecate looking for a peaceful and quiet place to relax.

What kind of food can I find?

In the center of the city you can find “El mejor pan de Tecate” “The best bread of Tecate” you have to try it it’s delicious and it's one of the most famous in the region. Also there are a lot of restaurants that serve really good Mexican food and a couple of them Mediterranean food.  


Tecate’s main park “Hidalgo Park” located in the heart of the city it's a great place to visit. Other thing that you should try in Tecate is to visit it’s ranches and spas to enjoy and relax such: Los Chabacanos, Santa Veronica and Ojai. Most of theses ranches have massages, pools, temazcal, saunas, jacuzzi and picnic areas.

The world famous Tecate beer is of course from this town you can visit the brewery and see how is it made and maybe have drink. And if you enjoy a good glass of wine you should visit the wineries in “Valle de Guadalupe” besides the beautiful landscapes and vineyards they produce the best wines in Mexico.

If you like to hike you can also enjoy the region landscapes or “Vallecitos” and archeological area nearby with more than 18 caves with petroglyphs.

There are also touristic train rides from Tijuana to Tecate with music, food, drinks, activities and a lot of fun.


In Tecate you can camp at some of the ranches and the offer hotel rooms to or cabins or book in one of their hotels such: Hotel Estancia Inn and Santuario Diegueño.


Everything is really close in Tecate so you can walk around the center, take a taxi, uber, bus or drive easily.

Border entrance

If you are crossing the border at Tecate the border is closed between 11 PM and 4 AM.

If you are crossing the border at Tijuana there are two borders, one is the San Ysidro entry and the second one is Otay, the good news is that apart from this options, with your doctor you can receive the medical lane pass for your to cross faster to San Diego. If you think to cross with no medical lane pass, be prepared to spend some time in your car.

To see border times in Tijuana you can enter here:

Photo Gallery

tijuana statue and cloudy sky - Tijuana dentists
tijuana statue and cloudy sky - Tijuana dentists
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scenic road from tijuana to rosarito - tijuana dentists
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CECUT monument - tijuana dentists
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