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Tijuana is by far the largest city of Northwestern Mexico; informally known as "The Corner of Mexico," and conveniently located at the San Diego border, Tijuana is one of the best known cities across Mexico.  You may have seen movies featuring this culture packed city with its breathtaking landscapes, great people, and colorful stores.

Under its belt of accolades, Tijuana holds the title of the most visited and busiest border in the world. Its geographical location makes it a strong economical source for Mexico and its recent growth has positively impacted business and tourism in the city.

Tijuana has always been a food paradise. There is no difference between art and cuisine, as they both go hand in hand, and with time have become part of the identity of the city. You can find typical Mexican food, such as mouth-watering “el pastor” tacos, which are slow grilled pork. This city has a wide variety of sports and cultural activities that you can spend days exploring. Downtown Tijuana also has amazing activities to offer!  For example, if you walk around downtown you could go to “Revolution Avenue”, which is a street full of all kinds of shops and restaurants.

Its proximity to the United States, state of the art facilities, and friendly, professional, and certified doctors makes Tijuana the number one border crossing location for medical tourism. When undergoing medical treatment in this city you can save up to 70% on your medical and dental treatments.


Tijuana is conveniently located north of the Baja California border with San Diego, CA. Located approximately 210 kilometers (130 mi) west of the state capital, Mexicali. The city is bordered to the north by the cities of Imperial Beach, and the San Diego neighborhoods of San Ysidro and Otay Mesa, California. To the southwest of the city is the delightful Rosarito Beach.

Driving directions

Most tourists enter Tijuana through the border crossing at San Ysidro. The crossing can be made by car, bus, or on foot. You can get on I-5 or I-805 South from San Diego to enter Tijuana.

Flying to Tijuana

We advise you to depart from the San Diego Airport as your first step, and from there you could quickly fly to Tijuana´s General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport (IATA: TIJ).

Below are a few other alternatives if you are looking for more flying options:

  • Los Angeles: 134 miles (218 km), 2.5 hours
  • Palm Springs: 137 miles (221 km), 2.5 hours
  • Yuma : 182 miles (294 km), 3 hours
  • Las Vegas 341 miles (548 km), 5.5 hours
  • * Phoenix 354 miles (595 km), 6 hours

What kind of food can I find?

In Tijuana you’ll find a great variety of well known food chains that will make you feel at home, but if you are looking for something more traditional and different you can go for a delicious carne asada (grilled beef) or pastor tacos (pork tacos).  All kinds of Mexican,  Brazilian, Italian, and Japanese restaurants are showcased in the Tijuana food scene, not to mention the delicious seafood from right there in Baja California and so much more. Tijuana dentists have their own top recommendations on where to eat, depending on their location they can show or take you taste Tijuana's cuisine.

By the way… if you are in downtown don´t leave without trying out Caesar's restaurant where the Caesar salad was truly invented!

If you want to try something different visit the "Telefonica Gastro Park", which is a parking lot with several food trucks in one location, from which you can taste the new cuisine in Tijuana.


In Tijuana you can do almost anything you could think of! We advise you to get organized in order to take advantage of your time. You can simply walk around the city to stare in awe at different historical areas, or you can go downtown to take pictures next to or on top of the classic donkey, or visit lovely museums and delight yourself with different types of cuisines.

If you like sports you can go watch a soccer game in ¨El Caliente¨ stadium to watch the Tijuana Xolos home team. There are also bullfights, but they are seasonal, so tickets need advanced arrangement.

Revolution Avenue provides an opportunity to purchase handcrafted items, clothing, furniture and local foods, as well as to visit nightclubs and bars. The winemakers at L.A. Cetto Winery offer guided tours and tastings of local vintages. You can get a taste of Tijuana's arts community at the Tijuana Cultural Center, with exhibits that include sculpture, paintings, and photography, as well as symphonies, operas and ballets.

If you are a wine lover you can take a 2 hour trip to Guadalupe Valley where you can visit different wine growing houses that produce the best Mexican wine. Spend an unforgettable time with your and friends while you experience the Mexican wine culture.

If you are a beer lover, the city has several bars where they offer local craft beer from Baja California, known for the best microbreweries in Mexico.

If you like to fish, you can rent a boat to go fishing with friends or family. Lastly, you can always find golf courses, shopping malls, spas and nightclubs if you’re in the mood.

 Visit our Tijuana Dentists and they can give you some additional tips on what kind of activities you can do while you visit this city.


Tijuana offers a variety of lodging options from simple to luxurious 5 star rated hotels. Try Pueblo Amigo Hotel, which has a casino inside, or the Baja Inn Hotels. If you want to stay in any of these hotels, Medgetaway offers discounts on your stay when scheduling your appointment through us. Tijuana dentists might have their own recommendations on where to stay, if you have any questions please contact us before you book.



If you plan to walk across to Tijuana, we recommend that you use UBER to get around afterwards. If you need internet many UBER drivers can share their 3G cellular connection with you.  Crossing by car allows you the freedom to drive the city yourself; it's not difficult to move around, just take into consideration traffic hours.  Make sure to ask your doctor for a "medical lane" pass to use the most expedient line when crossing back to the US. Cabs are also abundant throughout the city. If you are walking into Tijuana via the San Ysidro border crossing, you will be immediately presented with a massive array of yellow cabs waiting to take you into downtown. This group of cab drivers are conveniently located, but be sure to negotiate a price before jumping into a cab. You should pay no more than $5 in normal traffic to get from the border to the downtown area.

Some Tijuana dentists can offer some kind of transportation service, this also depends on their agenda; you can ask us before your appointment to give you the best option.

CECUT monument in tijuana - Tijuana Dentists

aztec monument in tijuana - tijuana dentists

Border entrance

In general, crossing from the US to Mexico does not take very long for American nationals: expect around 0-15 minutes. To return or to cross from Mexico to the US, however, you can expect around 1-3 hours, depending on the time of day and the line you cross in. The good news is that you can get a medical lane pass from your doctor and bypass the long lines. On foot, there's a queue of people waiting on weekends and early weekday mornings at both Tijuana's two borders, San Ysidro and Otay. Tijuana dentists have been working on giving the patients better options for any person on medical tourism, meaning that now you can also use UBER to cross from San Diego to Tijuana.

You can check border schedules here:



New ways to get to Tijuana

Recently there has been an integration of additional services to travel to Tijuana. For instance, the UBER Passport  is a new way to cross from San Diego to Tijuana using UBER services. If you’re a first time user of UBER you can use our promo code to get $15 usd off on your first ride. Another new option is the Cross Border Express, which is an enclosed pedestrian skywalk bridge exclusively for Airport passengers who cross the U.S./Mexico border as part of their trip.

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