Los Algodones: Dental Capital of the World

Los Algodones is a small mexican town in the border with Yuma, AZ and it is consider the dental capital of the world. How is this possible? Between the colorful mexican curios, delicious taco stands and a lot of pharmacies there are more than 300 dental clinics, within a four block radius, that is why it is also known as “Molar City”. But the reputation of this town is not only about the number of clinics but also about their high quality work.

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Actually there are four main reasons why this place is so attractive to thousands of American and Canadian tourists that cross the border to get dental care in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Convenient Location

Most of the medical tourists prefer to visit cities that are next to the border, because it is easier for them to get there and they feel more safe if they are close to home. Los Algodones is not only in the border but is also conveniently located next to Yuma, AZ, so the patients can drive or fly to this city and then cross Andrade’s border into Mexico.

Most visitors cross by foot, it is easier that way, since everything is in a walking distance at Molar City. There parking lots in both sides of the border, but if you’re planning to cross keep in mind that Andrade’s border is open only from 6am to 10pm.

Winter is a busy season in this place, every year retirees travel to the warm and quiet city of Yuma,AZ to avoid the snow and the cold winter from their cities and while they are there they like to visit Los Algodones. There are a lot of events to welcome “snowbirds” to Molar City because most of them love to get medical treatments there before heading back home.

Also Los Algodones is just three hours drive from Phoenix, AZ so patients can fly there and then drive or take a bus, since Yuma is a small city and maybe there are less flight options.


Low Price

Dental care in the U.S. is so expensive that a lot patients can’t afford it. The brightside is that this little town can save you up to 70% of the total cost in dental treatments. The savings are so big that even paying for a flight, hotel nights, food and other travel expenses is more affordable than paying for the treatment at your local clinic.

Uninsured patients and seniors with Medicare, who don’t have coverage for most dental procedures, often visit this town to take care of their teeth. And those who does have a dental insurance, still can save you a lot of money because most of Los Algodones clinics accept american insurances an even help their patients to fill the forms.


Amazing Service

As in most of the tourist oriented towns and cities in Mexico, a great customer service is one of the main qualities. Dentists and clinic staff are bilingual and very professional. Most of the patients reviews from their experiences at Los Algodones clinics express how doctors work really hard not only to do a good job but to make them comfortable during the treatment and answer all of their questions.


High Quality

Ok, great the treatments are affordable but what about quality? Of course you don’t care about the price, the location or the service if your dental work is bad. But let me tell you that this is the best thing Los Algodones has to offer, most of their clinics have the same or higher quality as the clinics in the U.S.


A little advice, know before you go, when you cross the border to Los Algodones you’ll find a lot of people in the street offering deals and recommending clinics (pickers) but even when most of the clinics will do a great job some of them won’t. So if your are planning to visit Los Algodones for dental care, let us help you to book your appointment with our top quality clinics, you can check their profiles and communicate with their doctors before your visit. We are ready to help you to have a great experience, and is not us saying that, there are a lot of happy patients that can prove it.


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