Los Algodones Dental Price Guide

Los Algodones or molar city is consider the dental capital of the world. This is because this small town located in the border with Yuma, AZ provides high quality affordable dental care to thousands of American and Canadian tourists.


Why should you travel abroad for dental care?

A good oral health is essential for everyone, but dental care in the United States and Canada is so expensive that many people have to postpone visits to the dentist. These constantly increasing high prices at dental treatments make dental care look as a luxury and not a necessity. But the truth is that oral health is as important as the health of the rest of your body. Actually ignoring oral diseases can affect your overall health. For example a periodontitis (gum disease) can be connected with some other diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, lung diseases, osteoporosis, kidney diseases and more. So is not just enduring a little pain in your mouth, dental problems must be attended as soon as possible to avoid more complications.


For those who can’t afford it or simply want to save money, dental tourism is a really good option. And we are not talking about saving a few dollars, abroad dental care can save you more money than you think. Foreign countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala provide top quality dental care  for a fraction of the price.


Dental Care in Los Algodones

If you are looking for the best prices on dental care, Los Algodones is the town you should visit!. Los Algodones has more than 300 dental clinics, our team has personally and carefully selected the best. The dental clinics working with us at Los Algodones have friendly and experienced staff that will take the best care of you and your smile. Also, these clinics offer all the dental procedures you can find in the United States with the latest techniques and high quality materials. But the best part is that Los Algodones clinics have decades making dental care affordable!


How much can I save in Los Algodones?

Believe it or not, you can save up to 84% in dental treatments!

Dental implants is one of the best options for missing teeth but the average cost for this procedure in the United States is around $3,000 usd, and in Los Algodones you could save up to 65% with prices from $1,050 usd. You can also get  root canals from $180 usd, with savings up to 84% or Zirconia Veneers from $400 usd saving up to 71%. The best part is that our clinics in Los Algodones use the same quality materials and techniques that you can get back home, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.


All-on-4 $8,600 usd All-on-6 from $7,980 usd Crowns from $180 usd Dental Implants from $1,050 usd Root Canal from $180 usd Zirconia Veneer from $400 usd Teeth Whitening from $180 usd


If you are ready to start saving, call us to book an appointment! TOLL FREE 1888-232-3942!


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