Does low price mean poor quality?


No, the truth is that sometimes it does, but not always. When it comes to medical treatments a lot of people is really concerned about the relationship between price and quality, so if they hear that medical care is less expensive in other countries they automatically think that the quality must be bad. This assumption is not necessarily true, there are good clinics and bad clinics in each and every country in the world, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to find excellent quality for a really low price.


Medical tourism in Latin America

Medical tourism in Mexico and other Latin American countries has become the most attractive option for healthcare and the main reason is that a patient can easily find low price treatments with the best quality, and relax and enjoy the culture and landscapes each city has to offer  So if this is true, how can their clinics and doctors offer top level facilities and procedures and still have a profitable business?. The simplest way to answer this is because healthcare expenses are relative to the cost of living  in  each city or country. It is cheaper for a clinic and for their doctors to pay rent, services and other operative expenses than in the U.S. because as we said all of this is relative to the cost of living of these countries. So clinics can work with the same or better quality in procedures, materials and facilities for a lower cost and therefore offer way better prices.

There are great medical schools in Mexico, that is why some U.S. doctors go there to study, but also a lot of Mexican doctors and dentist have studied in the United States. All the big cities in Mexico and almost all the medium ones have at least one first-rate hospital and many top clinics with the best practices and state-of-the-art technology,  equipment and highly qualified staff. Those cities also have an excellent tourism infrastructure and amazing touristic attractions.

Healthcare in Mexico and other Latin American countries is excellent, and when it comes to compare price vs quality both are very good but there is one thing to add to the deal, you can also receive one of the best experiences on customer care. The best way to prove the quality of these hospitals, specialists and clinics are the millions of U.S. and Canadian citizens who  travel to these countries every year to get medical care, their testimonials and stories about their trip, savings and experiences need no further explanation.

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