Why is Mexico the best option for Dental Care?

Benefits of Dental Tourism in Mexico and Los Algodones

It’s no secret that dental costs are out of this world in the United States. Teeth are essential to eating and speaking normally, so how does someone who can’t exactly afford co-payments combat the prices while being able to receive the dental work they need? We’ve got one word: Mexico and Los Algodones.

It sounds like a crazy horror movie in the making where you may find some of your organs on a black market, but dental tourism is actually highly popular and sought after because of their care and lowered prices in comparison with the United States. Costs in the United States have only been driven up, which is worrisome to those who have teeth problems or parent who are in need of dentures. Some insurance companies do not cover the cost of dentures in the United States, leaving thousands toothless and unable to consume certain foods, chew properly, or even speak normally. There are plenty of benefits to taking a trip to Mexico for dental tourism, though, and we’ll discuss some of the benefits in this article below.

  1. Affordable – as mentioned

This is the main benefit in traveling to Mexico, mainly to Los Algodones, for dental work. For example, four root canals, four crowns to match, five fillings, a regular and deep cleaning, as well as laser whitening, implants, and a permanent bridge costs around $20,000 in the United States. That’s a complete overhaul in the mouth for those who have gone years without going to the dentist. In Mexico, this would cost less than $4,000 for ALL of it. Imagine what just a set of dentures would cost in Mexico? Oh! We do – a set of complete dentures with composite teeth or porcelain, costs around $350 in Mexico, where as in the United States, it can cost between $7,000 and $90,000 for dentures with implants. Yes, you read that correctly.

  1. Mexican dentists are bilingual

Yes, this is a huge reason why many travel south to get their dental fixes. There is a quiet stigma and general rumor that you won’t be able to get the service you need because of a language barrier and that’s simply not the case. While most do speak the native language, they also know English perfectly fine and well, especially in this industry. The line of communication is opened as well as being affordable with Los Algodones dentists.

  1. Accessible

Affordable dental care is more easily accessible than ever before, physically, which is something most Americans don’t understand. There are shuttles from the Mexico/United States border that will take travelers from the border to Los Algodones, allowing them to visit local dentists. Dental tourism is very high and dentists in Mexico are easier to reach in more ways than one. Between being affordable, bilingual, and accessible, the only thing stopping someone from obtaining their dental needs is their effort and will power to get to Mexico.

  1. Mexico is beautiful

Obtaining new dentures and setting up appointments may mean staying a few days, and the process won’t happen overnight unless you’re very prepared and well on your way. If you need to stay in Mexico for a little while waiting for dental fixes, you get to enjoy the gorgeous land around, beautiful beaches, friendly people, and wonderful culture of Mexico on your dental vacation. You also have something to look forward to while waiting on perfecting your smile.

  1. Dental centrallos algodones street view. corner with one dental clinic

Los Algodones (Molar City) is one of the premier dental locations in Mexico and the world, providing hundreds of dental facilities in one central hub. This means that you’ll be seen and get the service you need at an affordable rate and in paradise. Beyond vacationing and enjoying the culture, reliable dental work with state of the art technology is highly sought after here. Los Algodones is one of the top destinations, if not THE destination for dental tourism.

  1. Insurance policies are not wasted

You may pay a high premium and may have heard that your benefits will become null and void if you get dental work in Mexico; this is simply not the case because of the clause in insurance. This allows the person to receive the dental care in Mexico as a “non-essential” service since the nature of the dental work will be considered cosmetic (i.e dentures, crowns, teeth whitening, etc.) You can keep your health insurance in the states while being able to receive affordable care elsewhere, without illegally going against your insurance.

  1. Immediate care

As mentioned, you may have to wait a couple of days for your full servicing, depending on what you’re getting done, which is much quicker than dental facilities in the United States. You can reach Mexico and have your teeth whitening within the same day if you plan accordingly. If your dental need is an emergency, you can be serviced much quicker in Los Algodones than you can in the United States. There is no need to jump through hoops in order to receive the care you need in Mexico.

What’s available in Mexico?

Again, there are many myths about Mexico and their “lack of resources” when it comes to anything medical related because of how the media portrays the location.  The United States doesn’t have any sort of real upperhand when it comes to the technology, as Mexico also has professional anesthetic procedures, dental implant technology, laser procedures, 3D printing technologies, digital impressioning, and much more.

In conclusion in Los Algodones


Bust myths by seeing what Los Algodones, Mexico truly has to offer interms of dental work done by some of the best educated and successful in the field. Trained by the best dentallos algodones street view and people walking institutes in the

world, Mexico dental physicians can talk the talk and walk the walk. Visit a new land while getting the best care your mouth has ever seen without tacking the price of a new car or house onto your list of debt.

If you want to learn more about Mexico and Los Algodones for your medical getaway, please click here.

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