We offer a complete set of services so you don't have to worry about anything.

Free Booking

Book an appointment with medgetaway for FREE.

Clinic Connection

Medgetaway facilitates  communication with the clinics or doctors you’re interested in.

Flight Assistance

We can help you to find the best flight option for your destination.

Additional Activities

Take a tour with your family or friends, get to know new sites, ask us what you would like to do.

Personalized Care

Contact us and we’ll help you get the best option for your medical getaway and we’ll join you until you get back home.


Do you want to be safe?  We can help you to get an insurance.


Get assistance from our team to get the best reference on transportation and rentals to your destination of interest.

Hotel Accommodation

Get the best experience on different hotels for your medical getaway, some may include extra services like local discounts, free breakfast and more.

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