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With Medgetaway you can get the best deal on Medical Tourism Insurance for your treatment in Mexico.

Countries like Mexico, Colombia or Argentina offer medical and dental procedures at much lower cost and can often respond to patient’s needs more quickly than in a patient’s home country. A very warm and friendly culture, beautiful cities and beaches on which to recuperate, and the quality on medical services make medical tourism very attractive for patients and companies in the industry.

Our Medical Tourism Insurance Policy provides you the peace of mind you deserve by covering the extra medical, hospital and lodging expenses resulting from a medical complication that occurs during a covered treatment and offers the highest coverage limit for a policy of its kind in the world. Thus providing the necessary peace of mind to patients, hospitals and doctors.

Medical Tourism Insurance benefits

  • Up to $50,000 USD coverage for up to 12 months after a complication occurs.
  • No deductible or coinsurance.
  • Direct payment to most hospitals and doctors in Latin America. (other companies offer coverage only through reimbursement)
  • Our insurance underwriter has physical presence throughout Latin America to provide local and immediate assistance when you need it most.
  • Claim Process: Novamar Insurance and QBE Seguros employee bilingual staff make the claim process very simple for both patients and doctors.
  •  "A+" rated company by Fitch Ratings


Additional Medical Expenses

Additional Medical Consultations

Additional Travel Expenses

Additional Daily Hospital Room

Accommodation and Plane Ticket for non-scheduled visit to the Doctor up to 12 months later

Travel and accommodation daily expenses

Trip Cancellation

Trip Delay

Travel Liability

Accidental Death

Lost Baggage

Travel Assistance 24/7


medical tourism insurance


This insurance program is supported by QBE Insurance; which is one of the twenty largest insurance and reinsurance groups worldwide, headquartered in Sydney, Australia and with operations in 52 countries. QBE Group holds an international rating of A+ by Standard & Poor’s. In Latin America QBE Insurance has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico.

Travel. We take care of the rest.